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But now Chris Brown’s court battle with Nia Guzman, has reached a conclusion – with his former flame denied full custody of their child and she has been ordered to pay back the singer the attorney fees he gave her.

The site claims the 33-year-old was reportedly looking for full custody of Royalty as well as having Chris’ visits monitored, deny his mother the right to see the child and to have him submit to drug tests.

Sleek, sexy, and cold-blooded, she rubs elbows with Lucious and goes toe-to-toe with Cookie even as she reckons with her own mysterious past.The “Best Man Holiday” star can next be seen in Lifetime’s remake of “Beaches,” as well as indie films “Roxanne, Roxanne” and “Lemon.” Long is represented by CAA, Primary Wave, and Meyer & Downs, LLP.In fact, the film is altogether anti-technology, despite how it looks on the surface."I think [the setting] is a device to tell a very human story and examine where society leads us and how disconnected we are with technology," Drake Doremus tells me."I think there’s something tragic about where we are headed," he says "It’s scary to think at a certain point, a machine is going to tell us who we should and shouldn’t be with. "In 10 years from now, Tinder could literally be a machine that you put your finger on and all of a sudden it’s like, ' That person!Figuring out the logistics of how this fictional society came to be—a society where emotions don't exist and people who catch feelings are treated or, if beyond treatable, committed in an asylum—isn't the point of the movie.

Hoult and Stewart give exceptional performances as Silas and Nia, and it's the authenticity of their performances that makes , as Doremus put it, an emotional film rather than an intellectual one.The rollout of music has evolved over the years, but nothing beats a dope visual.After emotional and mind bending formats gave way to music videos in the 80s (thank you Michael Jackson), artists are almost challenged to match a stunning story to their tunes.“Empire” also recently added Rumer Willis in a recurring role.That guest star will play a brilliant but volatile singer-songwriter in Tory Ash.It’s like, whoa, that’s a little scary." Of course, he brings up Tinder as an example, the obelisk of modern dating. ' The magnetic force of the universe doesn’t have a chance to guide you in the direction you need to be in." It's in this anti-technology agenda that he makes clear movie.