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actress Abigail Breslin posted the most relatable Instagram yesterday — but it is her caption, not the photo, that had us dying laughing.

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In November 2016, Abigail Breslin began dating British actor Freddie Highmore.

“*thoughts when I first viewed this photo*,” the 21-year-old actress begins, proceeding to relate every negative thought she had when she first saw the picture.

The picture itself is cute and understated — she’s waving to the camera with a close-mouthed half-smile, leaning forward, looking totally casual. “ABIGAIL YOU LITERALLY LOOK LIKE A TURTLE WHAT R U DOING WITH UR HAND OMG WHT IS THAT SMILE / WHY DO YOU LOOK SO NERVOUS WOW GONNA GO HIDE UNDERNEATH A ROCK,” she continued on the caption. Who doesn’t react like that when they see a photo of themselves? She ends her post on a positive note: “but I mean my clueless shirt is bangin’.” You’re perfect. *thoughts when I first viewed this photo* ABIGAIL YOU LITERALLY LOOK LIKE A TURTLE WHAT R U DOING WITH UR HAND OMG WHT IS THAT SMILE / WHY DO YOU LOOK SO NERVOUS WOW GONNA GO HIDE UNDERNEATH A ROCK.

"I wanted to wait for marriage, but he used his love for me as an argument to get me to have sex with him. On Wednesday morning, Breslin took note of her endless positive replies and followed-up with the following Tweet: "So beyond thankful by the immense support regarding my IG post last night.

I am so lucky to have all of you kind souls in my corner." We join everyone else online who has sent their well wishes and their many props to Abigail Breslin.

This list of Abigail Breslin’s boyfriends includes Jack Barakat and Michael Clifford.

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He made his acting debut in the comedy film, Women Talking Dirty and since then, he has starred in movies such as Finding Neverland, Arthur and the Invisibles, The Spiderwick Chronicles, and The Art of Getting By.

Before Highmore, Breslin was rumored to be dating musician, Jack Barakat, the lead guitarist and backing vocalist for the alternative band, All Time Low.

During the film premiere party last week, Breslin reportedly mingled between her younger pals and the "adult section" at the event with her new beau in tow.

A Best Friend who understand everything about everyone, the most amazing person you'll ever come across, beautiful funny, talented, clever.

The 20-year old actress, most recently seen on the Fox TV show Scream Queens, shared an image on Tuesday night that reads as follows: "You are not obligated to have sex with someone that you're in a relationship with. Marriage is not consent." Breslin then revealed this tragic incident from her past via her caption, which reads: "I knew my assailant.