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Whether it is learning to love their husbands, children, neighbors or co-workers, Debbie brings fresh hope and vision to be the capable, intelligent and virtuous women God has called them to be so they can fulfill their assignment in the plan of God.Whether it be at the annual Jewels Conference, Called to Reign Conference (women ages 14-29), Jewels meetings, holiday parties, book clubs or exercise classes, there's plenty of ways for ladies at LOTW to get together and have fun! This student ministry holds monthly events and outreaches throughout the year.

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I have reddish-brown below-the-shoulder hair which I usually wear in a polytail, blue-gray eyes, pierced ears. I have an adult daughter who has a husband and a little boy and she's pregnant. hope it turns into a permanent relationship, no marriage. if i have to pay to get messages, you may not hear from me, depends on the charge. What we think, feel, or have done is irrelevent in the face of what we actually do day to day. :) My name is Kim, I'm 42 yrs old, female, divorced with a 15 yr old son. I have never done this sort of thing before, but what the heck, you never know.I like to sew and I like to cook for my man, although I don't particularly like to cook. I live within driving distance of K-State and am taking two summer classes so I can get my certificate renewed. My name is Cindy Lou, i just had a Birthday yesterday ( 10-22-51 ) and turned 49yrs. All my friends are married and well, I've done the being fixed up with someone's friend thing, and as you can see I am still single. I have two great kids ages 8 and 13 who are just and pretty/handsome. This person has to love dogs for I have two wonderful dogs. I havent found the right man yet are there any decent men out there? I'd like to be put up on a pedestal and be treated like a princess. I fish with my son and have time to get ready for a nice night out heels and all. Someone who will love me for me and not who I can be. Men of Iron is designed for guys to connect with guys.

I am a high school librarian who just finished making a Class Night costume for one of our senior girls. I am 5'4 1/2", have Red Hair & Hazel Eyes, and am a BBW=Big Beautiful Woman! Would love to find that sweet special man that i have been white female, looking for a guy to date. i also love a sense of humor, easy going and a very kind heart. would like to exchange photos and talk through email only, not instant messanging, to see if there is a chance we should meet in person. I am a 48 yr old 5'6", 110 lbs, petite, blonde, blue eyed female. i'll stop there I just finished a Master's in Social Work, in mental health services. My brother and his family are moving nearby and I am thinking of the same so we can be close to each other. The cost of living is too high there for me to move there. My philosophy is that in the end, only kindness matters.From summer canoe trips to winter Ski trips, from Java nights to Christmas parties, you are sure to have a blast while hanging out with other young adults.Singles Connected is a ministry to singles, age 30 and up.I really enjoy going to see the comedians that come through Wichita. I enjoy traveling, hiking, swimming, mudding, four wheeling, hunting, fishing, camping, playing pool, Playing cards, Bowling, Rodeos, Horse Shows, movies, spending time with my family and friends.It'd be nice to have a beautiful to do these things with. Ive got an alternative style and have an open taste in music, however Im biased towards 80s rock. Im just a girl looking for a girl looking for a girl.