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You are in the glorious throes of sensory overload, girls.Truth be told, despite pretending to be horrified, I'm super thankful that my mother spoke honestly to me about sex. You have to exert energy to keep that sex fire alive.

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In fact, role-playing can be pretty freaking empowering.

It allows you to work through all those scandalous sexual fantasies stewing in your twisted brain … Except if that were to happen in real life, it would end up a traumatic disaster that would take years and years of therapy to work through (and I already have enough sh*t to work through).

When you're first having sex with a new person, it's oh-so-exciting. “Darling,” she would say, “it's always up to ONE person in a relationship to keep up the sex. Trust me, I do strip teases on the four-poster bed! ” I would squeal, running out of the kitchen, diving into my room and slamming the door like I saw the angsty teens on TV do. Why would you put yourself through the harrowing trials and tribulations of being in these complicated dynamics without the promise of amazing sex?

I had a mother who was always very open with me about sex. ” I would screech, making a big show of squeezing my eyes closed in horror and throwing my hands over my ears.“What? I JUST DON'T WANT THINK ABOUT YOU AND DAD HAVING SEX! If you aren't hell-bent on having insatiable, mind-blowing, soul-enhancing sex with your partner, crush or f*ckbuddy, then what the hell is the point?!

The purpose of these materials is to get the students to practice taking and leaving messages over the telephone.

The materials are intended for false beginners to lower intermediate students. I mean, I could've gone without the details, but I gotta say, my dear mother was right (she's always right): You gotta work at the ol' sex life. And what better way to ignite those flames than to engage in some sexy ~role play~?Engaging in role-play is hot — especially when you're toying with taboo scenarios and controversial power dynamics.Ms Anderson telephones Diamonds Galore to _____ with Mr. The earrings have not yet _____ at Diamonds Galore.Ms Anderson tells Peter that there was a problem with the _____ from France, but that the earrings should arrive tomorrow morning. Franks is not able to _____ with Ms Anderson on Thursday because he is _____.Fortunately, it is one that may be improved, if you give your students fun, interactive activities to help them practice.