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Boston Rob on Why He Won't Play Survivor Again When Rob Mariano and Russell Hantz returned last season for Survivor: Redemption Island, it was spurred on by a rivalry from a previous season, but Coach and Ozzy -- who will be on different teams in South Pacific --- have never played together. Survivor host Jeff Probst tells, "What they share together is their social games suck. Well, most of the cast that is, as later this week, two former contestants who are returning this season will be announced as well – as was the case in last season's Survivor: Redemption Island. We'll have to see if he lives up (or down, I guess) to the Hantz name.

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Butler began his coaching career in the spring of 1998 as the assistant coach of the Duluth Youth Baseball and Softball Association's Minor League Dodgers; it was the same team where his son was playing.

Later, Butler coached the Dodgers team to a second-place finish in the Minor League championship game that season.

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The upcoming season's tribes, Savaii and Upolu, are named after two islands in Samoa.

Caption: Third base coach Brett Butler #2 of the Miami Marlins stands on the field during the game against the Atlanta Braves at Turner Field on April 13, 2015, in Atlanta, Georgia.

Butler was then the coach of Arizona Diamondbacks for the 2005 season.

He is a hero of mine because of how he goes about his business as a ballplayer. I also get bothered by mentally weak people.3 words to describe you: Versatile, dynamic and resourceful.

Pet peeves: I have little to no patience for ignorance.

Ozzy first played in Survivor: Cook Islands and returned in Survivor: Micronesia - Fans vs. You're on your own." Below is our earlier story on the 16 new contestants Coach and Ozzy will be playing alongside.

Favorites, and stood out in both seasons for being extremely adept at the physical competitions (notably swimming). The cast have been announced for Survivor: South Pacific, Season 23 of the reality series. Yes, the Survivor producers are milking Russell's infamy a bit more by bringing in 19 year old Brandon Hantz.

Why you think you'll "survive" SURVIVOR: I was a Division I college athlete as recently as four years ago. I'm a team player and I don't have a problem contributing to any construction, hunting, fishing or gathering. Ultimately, if you combine my awareness, physical strength and social calibration, I bring a lot to the table.