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Whoever responds first may end up being his booty call. Let him know he needs to plan several days in advance if he wants to see you.

Maybe he’s doing things that make you think he cares about you, maybe he’s trying to spend more time with you… Maybe he’s not paying that much attention to you, or he said something to you that made you think he doesn’t really care at all…

Our clever and quick Is He the One Quiz will help you decide whether your man is a keeper or whether things will fizzle out.

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And then when you inevitably find out about it, he'll tell you that it's not cheating and that you can't get mad, because you're not 2. If he doesn't want you to tell people that you guys are a thing and refuses to go out with you in public, it's probably because he doesn't want the other girls he's flirting with to find out about you. You've heard rumors that he's "talking" to other girls. Why would a random girl from your bio class make up a rumor that bae has been hanging out with her friend Kate? It shows he does not respect you, once he gets what he wants he will leave you.A man who is really into you would forget about the world when he is with you. Meanwhile, you promptly deleted yours once you started cuddling bae on the reg. It probably means there's something in there he doesn't want you to see. But if it's a regular occurrence, he might be spending his time with someone else.

You never even try to look at his texts, but he's still overly protective of his phone. Taking a break from your phone can be good, so don't freak if he takes a while to respond sometimes. Either way – there’s nothing worse than not knowing.When you don’t know how a guy feels about you, then every moment you spend with him is filled with anxiety and doubt.Okay once in a while he looks at other pretty women, no issues. Problem starts when he checks out other women at all the wrong places. He will want you to get drunk and lose your sensibilities for him to take advantage of it. But instead of telling you how adorable you are or how beautiful you look, if he keeps saying 'you look sexy' or 'you are hot', he might be a player.He will not care if you drive back alone after getting drunk and insist to buy drinks after drinks for you. Guys know that women do not like to get touched unless there is that special bond between them. If he touches your arm or thigh or holds your hand too often while talking to you and pretend it is just normal, beware!! Talking about sex can be sweet and you too like it. But if doing it is the only thing he talks about all the time, it gets irritating. A real boyfriend would always to introduce you to his friends with a lot of respect.You aren't a priority if you aren't on the calendar at least several days beforehand. A guy who is into you and isn't juggling multiple women at a time, will have no problem freely sharing his information and will tell the truth. If you catch him in a lie, chances are he's lying to other women as well. He often mentions other women as his business associates. Don't buy the line that he's not sleeping with anyone else but you. If your new guy fits into several of these categories, he's likely to be a serial dater and a player. Find a man who is excited about introducing you to his friends and is proud to have you on his arm in public.