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Abbreviations are often used in chatrooms because they are easy to type and they save time.

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From ride-hailing startups and the research labs in Silicon Valley to what’s new from around the world from Detroit to Germany and Japan, “In the Driver’s Seat” will give listeners an exclusive peek at what’s new in the auto industry each week as well as in-depth conversation with designers, executives, engineers and classic car collectors.

The show will address the latest automotive trends and controversies with leaders of the global auto industry.

Astrobiologist David Grinspoon and his guest, Hugo Award-winning sci-fi author and scientist David Brin weigh the pros and cons of attempting to contact extraterrestrials.

here is increasing public and professional concern about Internet-facilitated sexual offending, reflected in a greater number of prosecutions and clinical referrals for these crimes (Middleton, Mandeville-Norden, & Hayes, 2009; Motivans & Kyckelhahn, 2007; U. The large majority of online offenses involve possession or distribution of child pornography.

Next, it's on to Clearwater, where we meet with Veteran's advocate and former Marine Grant Collins, who is paying it forward with the Warrior Bridge Foundation.

Finally, we end our day in picturesque Tarpon Springs, where we learn about the centuries old techniques of sponge harvesting and how it traveled from Greece to the Gulf Coast. Neil de Grasse Tyson discusses the fusion of hip-hop and science, the legacy of violence in hip-hop, the culture of music, and much more with rapper Logic, co-host Chuck Nice, and rapper/educator/DJ Steve Tyson, a.k.a The Intellect.

However, the National Juvenile Online Victimization Study, conducted in 2000 and again in 2009, indicates that the number of arrests in the United States for Internet sex crimes has tripled over that time (Wolak, 2012; Wolak, Finkelhor, & Mitchell, 2011).

Average sentences are getting longer for comparable child pornography offenses, indicating that Internet offenders will occupy custodial beds longer and will require longer terms of supervision if they become eligible for probation/parole (Wolak, Finkelhor, & Mitchell, 2009).

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Shailene Woodley India Eisley (Season 1-4) Daren Kagasoff Kenny Baumann Francia Raisa Megan Park Greg Finley II Jorge Pallo (Season 1) Luke Zimmerman (Season 1) Molly Ringwald Mark Derwin (Season 1-4) Steve Schirripa (Season 3-5) The Secret Life of the American Teenager (often shortened to Secret Life) is an American teen drama television series created by Brenda Hampton.

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