Applicationhost config not updating

Sometimes (waaaay to often) I have to check that a site I’m working on looks like it should in Internet Explorer 6, Safari on Mac or some other browser that I can’t run in Windows 7.In this case I wanted to access it from IE6 running in XP Mode.

There are thousands of potential settings, from what authentication methods to use, to how log files should be written, to how often the application pool that runs your process should recycle. Since IIS 7 (Windows 2008), nearly all of these settings live in one of two places: If you understand this, you'll find it much easier to understand why the Power Shell IIS modules work the way they do, and you'll be able to work out how to configure settings that aren't obvious.IIS relies heavily on services provided by the Windows kernel, so each version of IIS has been coupled to a release of Windows.This makes working with real world sites a little challenging.If you want your Login pages and Account Management pages to use secure sockets, you'd typically have to do all your work with the full version of IIS, either installed on your own machine or using a shared server. The first is new in Visual Studio 2010 SP1 and will allow you to use SSL on local host over ports 44300 and higher.I could of course deploy it to IIS and make it publicly available, but since I’m now using IIS Express for running my sites from Visual Studio instead of the built-in web server Cassini, it almost simple to let other computers on my network access the site.

This post by Scott Hanselman almost describes how to do it, but since I had to make some adjustments I thought I might write a shorter post with just the steps you need for this.2302 “SMS Distribution Manager failed to process package “”Random App”” (package ID = ABC00003).” Possible cause: …2342 “SMS Distribution Manager is starting to distribute package “”Random App”” to distribution point “”[“”Display=\SCCMServer\””]MSWNET:[“”SMS_SITE=ABC””]\SCCMServer\””.”2300 “SMS Distribution Manager is beginning to process package “”Random App”” (package ID = ABC00003).”30125 “User “”domain\user”” added new distribution points to a package named “”Random”” (ABC00003).” After digging around for a while I came to discover that the IIS services had failed to start.When I tried to start the IIS service, I got the lovely message that applicationhost.config is not well-formed XML.There are plenty of sites that show how to do basic IIS tasks; my goal by the end of this post is to make you an expert at automated IIS configuration, and the examples just put that into context.If you open up the IIS Manager user interface and browse around any web site or application pool, you'll find no shortage of knobs and dials that you can tweak.One of the demos in my Mix 11 talk "An Overview of the MS Web Stack of Love" was showing how IIS Express and Visual Studio SP1 (as well as Web Matrix) can make working with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) a heck of a lot easier.