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First off, Brie starts telling Nikki Bella and Nattie Neidhart about the recent burglary at their house.

She explains that Bryan chased them down and the cops eventually showed up and caught them.

Meanwhile, Rosa meets up with a model she met on the internet named Chad.

In some happier news, Brie and Bryan find out they're invited to the Teen Choice Awards!

So, obviously Brie is most excited for a new outfit!

Next up, Eva Marie and Jonathan are packing up their house and are getting ready for their big move back to California, but they aren't doing it alone!

They are road tripping there with Ariane and Vinnie.

“I really feel that if Robyn was accepted into Whitney’s life, Whitney would still be alive today,” he added.

“She didn’t have close friends with her anymore.” Whitney died of a drug overdose in February 2012.Gabe doesn't know any lesbians and Leila's not got too much experience of hanging out with heterosexuals - their worlds collide in deeply awkward and revealing ways as he becomes her unlikely wingman and helps her to navigate her new life dating men.Offering an outsider's view of Britain, is brimming with weird and wonky slices of urban life only apparent to those living on a temporary work visa, struggling to keep up with the discrepancy between what the English say versus how they actually feel.My family begged me to leave the couch, questioned why I didn't want to spend time with them while I was home for break. Spoiler: I've re-watched all three seasons in the week since, and I'm still obsessed.So for those of you looking to experience a tv show unlike anything I've ever watched, here's ten reasons why you should head online, search up some translated episodes, and hook in to the drip feed that is Skam.1.The entire first season revolves around the creation of the coolest girl gang to ever exist. This is a successful tv show with a plot that not only focuses almost entirely around girl friendships, but shows girls hanging out without their conversations revolving around boys.