Brittany snow and evan ross dating

Shortly thereafter, the couple confirmed their engagement and married one month later.Two weeks after the wedding, the pair announced that they were expecting a child. Simpson filed for divorce in February and was finalized in November. His birth name is Evan Olav Næss, but he uses the surname Ross professionally.

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Ross’s father is Arne Næss, Jr, a businessman and mountaineer.

The Connecticut-born singer celebrated his 26th birthday August 26, 2014.

The 28-year-old blond beauty was spotted in West Hollywood Monday, where she was snapped looking cozy with rumored new beau Evan Ross.

This is the second time the reported couple was spotted out and about on Monday.

Ross and Simpson began dating just over one year ago in July 2013.

Ross also works as an actor, and will portray Messalla in the upcoming flicks , the weekend wedding will be held at the Connecticut home of the groom’s famous mother, Diana Ross. The small wedding will have only close friends and family members in attendance.She must have prescriptions from ten different doctors.Aug 12, 2017Enty In the past four months, this A- list actor who seemingly travels nonstop between movies and television but has been focusing on movies as of late has been doing his regular good deeds. Apparently the hometown newspaper of this recently deceased singer has decided what team it is supporting and it is the team of the widow rather than reality. Read More After almost killing herself with coke, this foreign born former B list singer who all of you know but exclusively Kneepads readers probably don’t has been clean for a few months and trying to win…Read More This foreign born A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner has been on a pill shopping run like no other.It features the Barden Bellas struggling to find jobs post-graduation, reuniting once again as they get ready to embark on the USO tour in Europe.