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Avoid incomplete words such as TY (as Thank You), Pls as Please, gud as good, dpt as dapat, etc. If you will not follow this simple instruction, your comment(s) will not be accepted or published. Regards, Gerald My sim do have a signal but i cannot receive nor send texts and calls. Nagtry ako tumawag sa 200 pero ang sabi "theres a problem with your account, please contact your customer service representative. Sana d nalang kayo nag promo ng unlimited kung lagi naman suspended, kaya nga po ginamit ang service niyo para makatipid eh nagiging triple tuloy gastos kasi bili ulit ng sim at nagrere4gister ulit, pakiagapan po eto yung no. Why is it that I can't make a call using my sun postpaid plan? I supposed to complain her to the manager but I come to think of not doing it. But sad to noted that until now August 29, 2015 the unit was not activated. When I woke up by am it's still active and my sister received my message using this number but now its not active. I was shocked this morning when I don't have any calls anymore nor to text a message! ASAP po sana ma iblock ito kase ginagamit pa rin ng nagnakaw ang simcard. At 8am, i saw an X mark on a signal network, it means NO SIGNAL, i restart my phone and still no signal. i just want to ask, ive been calling sun hotline for how many days now but everytime i enter my mobile # they always say that my # is invalid. I am really frustated for the service your are giving. Hi good afternoon mula pa kaninang umaga walang call and text ang cellphone ko ano po nangyari sa site nyo...please paki ayos naman po agad.....salamat sa hotline busy na lang lagi mapa 8000 or 8888...day!! Since this morning, I can't call, I can't text, and this is an important transaction. I received a text but my text revert back to me and couldn't send. There was also an error appearing " Can't send message with SUN error 38". thank you" .paano ko macocontact yung CSR kung yan ang sinasabi. kahit anong gawin ko ayaw bumalik nung 3g/hspa /2g. ng sun q 09424441619 :(hi,,,sun na P-U-K po ang sim card ko puwede nyo ba ako ma help mabalik po ang # ko nawala na po kasi yong p-u-k code ko...almos 6years na ako gumagamit ng sun# ko.help me mabalik po.# is 09239065645;thanks Please do activate my sun mobile number 09321325581. Please activate soon, so that I can buy load and use it again. It was already paid last March 30,2016 and whenever I try to do outgoing calls I can't call? I held on my temper not to rebut on her impolite answers. I hope the management will put a suggestion box regarding their front liners. I hope you cand help me so that I can start using my sun postpaid plan. The problem is I forgot the PUK code of my sun sim number. because I have a lot of contact in their, I used this sim card for almost 5 years. I have tried it with my other celphones and its not working anymore. I got angry because my load lasted only for 1-2 weeks I guess. I turnoff my phone and get the sim card to clean, i put it again and turn it on. I turn off again and get the sim card, to put in other phone (lenovo), still there's no signal. How can i activate My prepaid sun number 09239817601, I can recieve some calls but I can call it back and sending txt as well. Just want to ask ,because our sun number is not anymore active every time we load theres a reply your number was already barred, how can we re-activate our number? Best Regards elvei buy a load worth 100 pesos for my sun broadband wireless prepaid,but i send a wrong key instead a regular load,i send in LITE100 was not avialable for my computer because this promos is avialable only in mobile phone.i want to get it back that 100 because im not consuming that load.please......reply nowi am sun broadband prepaid wireless connection subscriber,recently my signal got down and can't perform any connection,like social media. how come it is invalid when my sim is retailers sim?! I have a concern since January with regards for the waiver of my two-month charges on my mobile postpaid plan due to non-usage of the phone because of the maintenance happen.

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Like many of the more than 100 million Americans who use a smart phone for everything from paying for lattes at Starbucks to presenting digital boarding passes at airports to tracking investments, Scott Segal loved using apps on his i Phone.But then his phone was suddenly unable to connect to its 3G network, and it took two new phones and ultimately the removal of some apps to reconnect.Each scene (‘cene) is set in a different street locale within a typical downtown business district.Rather than build sets and put them on a stage, the scenes are designed to take place in actual places in the city.Segal, a Palm Springs, Calif., native and former defense-projects coordinator for a government contractor, became far more wary about apps.

“I no longer downloaded them thinking they were risk-free,” he says.One of the leading mobile telecommunications companies in the Philippines, Sun Cellular delivers excellent mobile services to its subscribers. my signal goes like this (RIIIII) R- represents the signal instead of the logo sun, then the I-represents the signal. mesa the lady in front desk told me that my signal in sun is in roaming ??? if it is..you activate so that i contanue patronize sun cellalur..site now is now in ayala center cebu..business park cebu city..thank you Hi po sun cellular. malakas naman signal dito kaso hindi na ako makaconnect sa internet. salamat Hi sir /mam Dang hapon po ask kulang po kc ung sun sim ko po bigla nalang po nawala ng network po kahapon sept.11,2016 hanggang ngaun wala parin network at nakaregistered ako ng 5days CTC50 un.po ang # ko po 0932 554 58 46 pls pakiaayos naman po yan kc gamit ko sa bisnes ko maraming salammaayos po yan. please activate my plan today thank you Hi, Would like to complain regarding poor customer service from a cashier in Sun Business Center at SM City Cebu. thanks Sir/Madam: Just to inform your good office that I have applied for a postpaid plan to your business office at Mactan Gaisano Island Mall in Lapulapu City on August 25, 2015. I've been using it for many years and I want to keep this number. Ipapa block po sana namin ang company sun simcard na ang number ay (0922-829-8263) kase nanakaw po ito.To serve you better, whatever your problems or concerns with Sun Cellular, you can contact Sun Cellular Customer Service Hotline Numbers below. When posting comments, strictly observe correct spelling. The Sun Customer service didn't answer my call. Thanks in advance I appreciated your immediate response and action. lahat ng APN sa APN sun list nasubukan ko na pero di pa rin ako nagkakaroon ng internet connection. Good day ma'am/sir ask ko lang po bakit laging nasusupend yung unlimited calls q. Every time I pay the company bills, she replies me sarcastically whenever I ask her. I have received the unit of plan 499 with initial cash out of P1,700.00 and with the instruction that the unit will be activated after 24 hours. But this morning upon arrival in my ofice it has no signal anymore. I loaded a TU150 a week ago in my number 09224502966 , supposedly my load will expire by next month which is September. Tumawag po ako sa hotline na ito: To receive immediate help: Using you Sun Cellular mobile phone, you can call 200 for free. Pero sinasabe lang invalid ang number na na input ko. Good day, this day @ 5am in the morning, i still have a strong sun network, i played COC and other internet games on my asus phone.You don't even have any advise on the maintenance problem. ASK KO LANG PO MAY SIRA PO BA ANG NETWORK NGAYON LASI HINDI PO KANI MAKAPAG SEND NG MESSAGES AT TAWAG NG TITA KO PO . KINDLY ADVISE NAMAN PO KUNG NAGLOLOKO PO ANG NETWORK NGAYON NG SUN. a scenario happened just last night when i was communicating with my wife the call was cut-off for some reason then while contacting her again a text message came to me from her saying "I'm driving" then after that i called up again and ask if she texted me that she is driving since i knew she is.. every time i try to call your hotline,the only voice message i received is "your call cannot completed this dial,please check the number and dial again "hello i receive a text from SUN CELLULAR that i won a phone (actual text)"Good news! I was already paid since March 31,2016, but up to now my phone is still barred. Please activate my SUN SIM Card number 0933-521-1553. Kindly trace my number if it is activate or deactivate. I hope you'll have this service in the future but as of now, it's thumbs down for Sun. I am just concerned of the network service in our place. I registered it successfully but when I tried to change my pin. But, when subscriber have a past due account even for only half month, you just cut lines without information. How can I recommend your network to my friends and relatives! GODBLESSWe are experience difficulties sending text, Sun and TM location Calumpit. Could you please let me know if what will happen to sun network. Now shes planning not use sun or her mobile because she is scared, Mind if you'll reply to these queries?? hi good afternoon please deactivate my samsung j2 with sim card number 09257372796 and my simcard PUK number i dont know were i put and i dont remeber that i hope you will answer me soon as possible thank you Hi! I just want to know how my sun cellular number will have a signal again? By the way here is my sun cellular number: 639428142155, please help me to fix it. I cant reach any of your customer service representative to inform that i already settled my account today amounting to Php 1,512.75. Dahil pinalitan mo ang iyong settings, lalo nang lumakas ang Sun signal mo, may FREE PHONE ka pa! when i was about to claim yesterday to my nearest sunshop they are looking for registry mail and told me to call sun hotline. I cannot make outgoing calls, text & cannot use other services of sun. I am always subscribed in the Call and Text Unlimited promo but I am having a hard time enjoying the service because the network is always busy. They walk to the new location, have a little time to visit the business there and then see the next scene.