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Instantly i was greeted by no less than 4 privet messages, out of the 4- 3 of them instantly asked me if i wanted a 'hot' chat with the 4th asking only after finding out my gender.

During that time i checked to make sure i didnt accidentally stumble into some sort of adult chat site witch i didn't I was in the "Main lobby" room.You may also be interested in some realtime statistics of the server.The options for Uno Bots and Game Simulation are now available again.If you encounter any bugs, please report them through Support.Julia's Eyes v The Sweeney on the roulette, we chat Quentin Tarantino films and our feelings on how studios handle releasing stuff to home video. , Head of the Family, The Creeps, Aladdin, Rituals, Virus, and much more!

To The Bone v Chasing Coral on the roulette, we Rabbit Trail some true or false questions, and chat Nightmare on Elm Street 4, Jack Reacher 2: Never Go Back, The Belko Experiment, The Void, Oats Studios Vol 1: Zygote, and much more! Curse IV: The Ultimate Sacrifice), Lake Mungo, American Anarchist, Madhouse, and much more! Halloween Night), John Wick 2, The Terror Within 1 & 2, Young Frankenstein, Russkies, Mind Ripper (A. Man Vs v Axe Murders of Villisca on the roulette, and we chat Life, F is For Family: Season Two, Redeemer: Son of Satan, Jodorowsky's Dune, Nintendo Quest, Raw Force, Halo Legends, Planet Terror, Inner Demons, and much more!

The Barbarians v The Mars Generation on the roulette, we play another round of the Wheel of Cinema, and chat Silent Rage, Blind Fury, Beyond the Gates, The Arrival, Blood on the Mountain, Drifter, Slipstream, Slate, and much more!

The last few days Ive had nothing to do and thought it might be a fun way to pass the time by visiting a live-time chat room.

Their research shows that many of these committed young people stuck to their beliefs as they aged and raised families.

Another classic episode from the test podcasts from before we were banned on youtube! , Detour, Species 2, Legend of the Devil, The Legend of Bagger Vance, Hideous!

So being the talkative soul i am i thought this would be a pretty fun way to socialize and pass the time.