Chat sex without tips

Flash-forward to few weeks later, when we were on Skype, saying and doing things we’d only done in person.

This was my first experience with Skype sex and I had a feeling that I was boldly going where I never had. Although many of us aren’t strangers to whispering sexy nothings into the phone, we’re now living in the day and age where we can not only hear the object of our lust, we can see them too.

Sex Up Your Voice To ante up the seduction factor, lower your register, and speak a bit more slowly than usual — think breathy and husky.

Follow @Canoe Lifestyle Last year, I met a smart, handsome man while he was visiting my city on a business trip.We went out for dinner and spent an amazing night together, before he had to fly home to his life on the East Coast.Let’s be honest, we’ve all at least attempted to do a little sexting.No matter if you were trying to spice up an existing relationship, starting a new one, or just being a creepy dude who tries to get pictures of girls for his own private collection, you’ve done it. i am giddy with excitement because i have personally connected with a fabulous sex and relationship expert, kait (who was just featured in COSMO!

) within 10 minutes of our first chat, we had covered social justice and big dreams so i can vouch for her awesomeness.Just go along for the ride.” If you’re too shy to share, keep the momentum going by lowering your voice and asking, “And then what would you do to me?” Moaning, lustful sighing, saying his name and compliments also work wonders. Not everything he whispers into the phone will be something you’re totally up for she is sharing her insight into the sometimes-awkward topic: S-E-X.she shares tips to talk to your sweetie about sex because let’s face it, sometimes we still blush and sweat a lot when thinking about addressing it.where I help women like you find freedom in pleasure.I’ll be adding a little bit of sexy while she gives my readers some of Wifestyle Wisdom.