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She’s received two to three calls every week since then, she says, while she typically receives that number in a month.

“I think the reason is that anytime you talk about lesbian issues in sports, it’s been such a silent topic, so if a discussion is not held upfront about the issues, it remains a silent fear and it can be very detrimental to women’s sports," Carroll says.

Pamela Mc Gee did, and Boyette always had resented her for it.

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But as Mary Jo Kane, a professor of kinesiology and director of the Tucker Center for Research on Girls & Women in Sport at the University of Minnesota, points out, when male coaches are accused of such indiscretions, their actions are usually perceived as isolated, unfortunate incidents that don't reflect on other male coaches as a group.

Commentary on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues in sport from a long-time educator and advocate for social justice in sports.

Sports figure(s) involved: Bryant Mc Kinnie, Fred Smoot, Lance Johnstone and unidentified others Year: 2005 More than a dozen former Vikings (including quarterback Daunte Culpepper) were implicated in the infamous sex boat scandal.

The event, which featured the, er, entertainment of exotic dancers flown in from Atlanta, was allegedly organized by cornerback Fred Smoot.

Rumors ranging from Bryant Mc Kinnie performing oral sex on a woman at the bar to Smoot working as the middleman for an act involving a double-sided dildo (use your imagination) grabbed headlines.

After the cruise, the boat crew reported cleaning up used condoms, K-Y Jelly, and sex toys in the party's wake.Some advocates for women's athletics fear that the incident involving Pokey Chatman will have negative ramifications for female coaches and encourage the use of "negative recruiting" aimed at some coaches and programs.Last month's resignation of Louisiana State University's women's basketball coach amid allegations of inappropriate sexual conduct with her players has once again raised an issue that has long dogged women's sports: the perceived prevalence of lesbian coaches. It's just too horrible to imagine that the purity of the college basketball recruiting process could be sullied by homophobia. It's reassuring that in this ever-changing world in which we live in that the New York Times always has its priorities in order, with, year in and year out, homosexuals' prerogatives at the very top of the list. Chatman was paid 0,000 per year plus a ,000 bonus when the team reached the Final Four after her resignation in disgrace. Yet some coaches, administrators and academics say they fear that the accusations against Chatman will inflame homophobia; reinforce stereotypes of lesbians as sexual predators; lead to more so-called negative recruiting, or attempts to steer players away from coaches suspected of being gay; increase skepticism toward the hiring of single women as head coaches; and scare the parents of potential recruits.Sexual abuse and family dysfunction, she says, led to three suicide attempts between ages 10 and 15.