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The last part is a 21 km path that the athletes must run while the fans and spectators welcome them as they arrive at the city.Chilean cinema refers to all films produced in Chile or made by Chileans.

This was meant as an open text to be completed by the citizens, according to their specific social demands (No more ...).CADA invited Chilean artists from different fields to spread this message on walls all over Santiago.We all do terrible things when we think that no one is watching.When her distant husband cannot give her the love she desires, the lonely and insecure Hui will do anything to feel loved.Located in the south of Chile, Pucón offers a unique landscape for skiing, riding horses, rafting and canoeing all through the year.

It's a rough and appealing location for outdoor sports admired for its view to the Villarrica Volcano and the Palguin Hot Water Thermal Baths.

Let HERBALIFE IRONMAN 70.3 Pucón take you to the south of Chile where the Villarrica Volcano will take care of your adventure.

IRONMAN added HERBALIFE IRONMAN 70.3 Pucón to its global event series, one of the world's most famous races to date.

Then, head into Isla Mujeres’ town center to spend an additional hour exploring and shopping for souvenirs.

The next activity is snorkeling in the crystal clear waters of Isla Mujeres’ marine park, home to diverse underwater species.

As you set sail on the Caribbean Sea, receive chilled rum, tequila, and soft drinks, and relax for the 30-minute cruise.