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Can we just let donghae have the experience he's always wanted. And when they were electing class captains, eunseo was the only one that voted for minho. oh and just so you know, how do you know if donghae really likes her? Have you had a conversation or even met her in person. In my opinion you guys are the ones who need to grow up. I know some of the elfs are jealous but hey, think of hae's happiness.. Throw away your obsessive, childish streak and be an adult about this... My School, But I Like Donghae very much, please don't play we got married please, I already broken heart while you with minho, please don't make donghae your couple (target) too, Please T. Its not like you're going out with any suju members or shinee. So don't hate on the girl even if you want to, cuz its only a tv show and probably not real anyway. My school, in episode 7 they were playing truth or dare and it was so cute how the kept asking eachother questions. not to cause fights or anything but this is just our opinions. people shouldn't be bashing eunseo...she's a really sweet girl. hoho I just can say, "If Donghae agree and want to be pairing with Eun Seo, I follow Donghae's choice" Eun Seo-ssi is beauty and cute too : D hehehe It makes me sad that it's the minority number of elf that make the rest look like overly insane obsessed fans... you will never go out with them, go cry in a corner and grow up, find a nice boy at school or something. too many little girls complaining about things they don't have. I hear she is gonan be going with Donghae....i dont think im going to like tht, but if dongahe is happy.... , there's nothing wrong as long as Minho really loves her. like what the heck's with these people hating her for just a role?!?? I mean, come on, just admit it, you won't so crazy about someone if they don't have the look even they have a real talent. We don't know if Eun Seo and Donghae really liked each other, they could've been acting all this time for the show. We don't know them in real life so we can't be angry about it. I know donghae's gonna get married soon and I know he will.

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Bon après c'est sûrement pour rire, mais je pense que ça doit le vexer quand même u.u Jimin qui dit qu'il pu ! Aaah donc je ne suis pas la seule, il en a surpris plus d'une à ce que vois ! Il propose de faire une douche avec les autres membres de BTS, beaucoup de groupe de k-pop font des douches collectives, après je comprend que c'est un peu bizarre de le proposé, et le fait qu'il regarde une fille attentivement ne fais pas forcément quelqu'un de pervers, il est simplement pointilleux et se pose beaucoup de questions...^.^ Il est trop drôle Taetae x D Pis j'aime aussi beaucoup son timbre de voix quand il parle ;_; Sérieux ? Je ne pensais pas qu'il était comme ça lorsqu'ils ont montré les premières photos teasers... V est quelqu'un de très étrange donc ce n'est pas si étonnant ^^ Tous les membres disent qu'il est bizarre, mais ils doivent le taquiner. i hope eun seo will be a couple with Choi Minho (Shinee). woooowwww look at that girl cheating on the most perfect man in the world!!! so imagine the betrayal Donghae felt when he found out she was dating someone else.

On July 18, Donghae and the cast of Channel A’s Ms. Porcupine held a press conference in Paju, Gyeonggi, where he talked about his feelings when he found out about Son Eun Seo dating actor Choi Jin Hyuk.He would go on to change his name to Choi Jin Hyuk in 2010.The actor spent most of his early life honing his skills and preparing to enter the fray as a modern actor.Después de este percance, no se tienen noticias del actor, pues bloqueó sus redes sociales y tanto él, así como su agencia no contestan las llamadas para dar alguna explicación o para disculparse frente a los medios.Se espera que pronto se presente para una disculpa pública, como pasó con varios idols que también estuvieron involucrados en escándalos sexuales.Kim Jung Hoon is described as the perfect smart chaebol prince.