Christine bleakley dating frank lampard

The star-studded guest list is set to include Frank's former England teammates John Terry, Rio Ferdinand and Wayne Rooney as well as his former Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho.

Meanwhile Christine is thought to have invited Susanna Reid and her former that it will be an "intimate affair" and they want to keep their big day as private as possible.

Christine Bleakley has been dodging the paparazzi and denying all rumours of a relationship with England footballer Frank Lampard.

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So far the couple have not actually been captured on camera, save for a much-used shot of Christine at Whisky Mist — with the footballer’s reflection captured on a pane of glass.

The snappers had clearly been tipped off about the former BBC Northern Ireland presenter’s movements last Friday night, hence the posse camped outside Lampard’s place hoping to catch the pair off-guard.

According to the Daily Mail, the Co Down beauty confirmed she was seeing ‘Lamps’ but that it was “early days”.

The admission comes after the 30-year-old was spotted having a cosy lunch with Lampard and a friend on Monday afternoon at the Hollywood Arms, a short walk from the footballer’s home in Chelsea.

After a long engagement the footballer admitted he was "very ready" to tie the knot earlier this year.

The father-of-two has made no secret of his love for Christine, previously describing her as his "best friend" in an interview with magazine. "But when you live together, you need to be harmonious, and she's my best friend.

Arriving at the pub the One Show presenter initially told the Mail that she was not seeing multi-millionaire Lampard, adding: “I can’t believe the interest in this story.” But when she left the premises an hour later she was asked if she would like to change her story.

She then told the Mail: “Well, when you start seeing someone and it’s early days, you need to know them a bit before you come out and say you’re dating.” It is understood Christine has enjoyed a number of secret dates with 31-year-old Lampard, who had a bitter split with his fiancee Elen Rives (34) last year.

Christine Bleakley and Frank Lampard Christine, 37, has been dating the soccer star since 2009 but he admits there were "difficulties" involved for his daughters Luna, 11, and Isla, nine, whom he has with his former fiancée Elen Rivas, in adapting to having a stepmother, but now they all have a strong bond.

He explained: "The step-parent thing is a real difficult thing, when you're not involved in the situation you have no idea of how many difficulties there are for everyone, particularly Christine's position, you know?

“People like to think that you detest one another or you’re having an affair.