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Where do I obtain a death certificate if some time has passed? All other items must remain in the box until a Surrogate's Certificate is presented or if jointly owned then the joint owner can access and remove content.23.

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My father died at the beginning of the year with an estate valued at around £1m made up of property, shares and savings.

I'm my father's executor and one of the main beneficiaries, along with my siblings.

What should I do before I schedule my appointment with the County Surrogate's Office? The Executor/Administrator will pay the debt out of the estate assets.

There are several steps that you should take before you schedule your appointment with the County Surrogate. Contact Social Security: (1-800-772-1213), if the decedent was a recipient (Funeral Director will do this, but if you have further questions or receive a check and are unsure how to proceed).b. Generally, the Executor/Administrator should open an estate checking account which can be used to receive and disburse funds.18. If claims are made, the Executor does not have to automatically accept the claims but can dispute them and has three months to make any decisions.19.

The IHT is now due but probate hasn't been granted and so I don't yet have access to his money. How am I supposed to pay the tax if I can't get my hands on the money?

Estates attract inheritance tax by being worth more than the allowance (or nil rate band).Douglas, Marcia and Liza arrive at the funeral and are civil to each other throughout the ceremony (although Liza doesn’t like the choice of flowers and Marcia dislikes the hymns chosen).It doesn’t take long for the three adult children to remember why they barely speak, and spend most of their time at the wake complaining bitterly about each other and trying to drum up support for their own cause.An individual's allowance is £325,000 and a married couple get twice this allowance - £650,000 - applying at the death of the second spouse.But what you describe is normal - even if it seems to defy logic.It is quite common when considering who to appoint as executors of an estate, for parents to decide to appoint their adult children as joint executors.