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I am going to try and stay very basic here so you can get the idea.Fresh install and everything is working great so now what? If you like nano you can simple go into Konsole and punch in su than enter your password.

config file etcconf dudev needs updating-14

media_dir=AV,/home/jmaggard/digital_camera) -media_dir=/home/mg media_dir=/opt # set this if you want to customize the name that shows up on your clients #friendly_name=My DLNA Server -media_dir=/home/mg/ # set this if you would like to specify the directory where you want Mini DLNA to store its database and album art cache #db_dir=/var/lib/minidlna Showing differences between /etc/security/and /etc/security/._cfg0000_--- /etc/security/2014-08-13 .003976598 0300 /etc/security/._cfg0000_2014-10-09 .951793070 0300 @@ -6,7 6,7 @@ # #Where: # can be: -# - an user name # - a user name # - a group name, with @group syntax # - the wildcard *, for default entry # - the wildcard %, can be also used with %group syntax, @@ -48,4 48,3 @@ #@student - maxlogins 4 # End of file [email protected] - rtprio 99 First time to do this and do not know what I suppose to do regarding the above - afraid to cause a damage...

Also - Why and when this happens - Should I get it each time running emerge world, in case I made some changes in config files?

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I am not saying that my way is the best way by any means.

This is simply my way of how I do things with a fresh install to make a stable system.

So get to know your hardware, I can't say that enough as it will save you a lot of headaches.

DO NOTE - I can not tell you what you can safely remove from your system as you need to know your hardware and what is safe to uninstall, remove from config files and remove from kernel.

wwrmn writes "There's a debate going on over at bugs.on whether it's the Ubuntu, BIOS, hard-drive manufacturer, or pick-any-player's fault, but Ubuntu (and perhaps any OS) may be dramatically shortening the life of your laptop's hard drive due to an aggressive power-saving feature / acpi bug / OS configuration.

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