Data dating episode

The human crew is clearly unable and/or reluctant to give Data reliable advice, and Troi warns him against trusting in literature on the subject, but since Riker says nothing beats true love Data decides to try 'running' a romantic program with her, yet method is madness in a human lover's eyes...Arrived at an M class planet's coordinates, the Enterprise finds it gone, inexplicably, while Worf fears disappearances and unexplained entries aboard constitute a major security risk.While having a "lovers' quarrel", Data says angrily "You're not my mother", using a contraction.

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One woman is a lawyer working for the tech industry and seems unevenly matched with Dev, who now happens to be the host of a competitive cupcake show called .

Even more awkwardness transpires when the fledgling couples move to the table for two.

Some of the initial small talk goes better than others.

One woman is self-described “funemployed.” Another is a friend who happened to match with Dev on the app.

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To get 10% off yours for the first year plus a domain thrown in, use the code ALLUSION at checkout. When the Enterprise enters the unchartered Mare Obscura ('dark sea') dark matter nebula, Data is in charge of scientific observations, together with young Dr.Lieutenant Jenna D'Sora, who shows a romantic interest in him.Even the homo sapiens on board (with the possible exception of Riker) aren’t exactly temptresses or Casanovas.Some need an operating manual just to get through a date, while others wouldn’t show affection if the Federation mandated it.Several more women also match with Ansari’s character, with one making fun of his apparent pasta obsession before handing over the phone to a friend who jokingly swipes right for her.