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Although the island seems designed for relaxation, with extensive white beaches and Caribbean-style nightlife, the curious explorer also finds plenty of landmarks of significance.

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It seems that the cost of living in Puerto Rico is blamed mainly in how expensive the electricity is, which it is a factor, however keep in mind that most of the goods have to be imported via boat and the current US Law prohibits Puerto Rico from importing anything that doesn’t come from the US directly.

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You get really scared whenever someone mentions "El Cuuuuuco! instill a sense of pride in Puerto Ricans for their music so that it will inspire their creativity and foment the arts.

But, in all honesty, it is not cheap to live here, especially if you want to live with all the commodities that you are either used to or desire while living in a tropical island.

Quick version: Cost of living in Puerto Rico is higher than the US.

Some things are not as badly priced but you get less value for your money such as slower internet for a set price when the same price would get you much faster internet in the sates.

If you would like more details on the cost of living in Puerto Rico keep reading below.

Tucked into the old quarter of the city, the fort has stood since 1540, protecting citizens from atop a craggy promontory jutting out from the northwest edge of the city.