Dating acoustic research ar3 speakers

There was thus considerable time for advance in driver design. The 1995 design is really quite a different animal and does not sound much like the older models except in the bass.The AR-3a, despite being some 45 years old now, is often available on the used market on e Bay or Craigslist.

For most of us this will probably always be the case, but there is light at the end of the tunnel and this time it is not the obvious freight carrier speeding to shatter a most aspiring dream.You see, a good used set of AR18s’ could be acquired for far less than a mere .Here at the most southern tip of Africa I’ve acquired my last three sets of AR18s’ for less than R150 a set!All were bought from the obvious 2nd hand exchange chain stores and none of them needed more work than replacement of the foam woofer surrounds. It is one of those timeless designs that seemingly constantly increase it’s capabilities as technology from the opposite end of the listening/monitoring system improves.They discussed their old designs, traditionally optimised for a flat in-room power response.

They also referred also to a concept of nondirectional loudspeakers made popular by another Massachusetts manufacturer.

We loved Acoustic Research's original crystal-clear wireless home theater system, the WHT-6024, enough to give it a Best of What's New award in 2007.

(To see this year's winners, click here.) Sadly, the WHT-6024 was a short-lived product.

Back in 1982 Edgar Villchur, the founder of the original Acoustic Research Company already knew stuff about acoustic engineering and loudspeaker design many modern day designers have only come to know in recent years.

One such aspect is the minimalist cross over network, that when implemented in conjunction with custom designed drive units, cause for unparalleled transparency from the transducer system.

they are expensive suckers), this is a way to make them wireless.