Dating database example

Create Base Tables of all fields that have drop down select options. Then make another table to save each person's data as a row of that table.That person's data table will have column mapped with each field in your form.Essentially though, it's going to need a database and not in code.

Yahoo Personals, e Harmony, Spark Networks, a host of many smaller niche websites catering to specific interests and groups, and non-subscription websites such as ok Cupid and Plentyof Fish have been rivals vying for the attention of the online dating user community.

Additional companies, Lava Life, Udate, American Singles, and Friend Finder have also waxed and waned over the past six years.

I am developing a dating website that will be based on lots of personal fields that users will choose from a list.

I have 43 different fields that the user must fill - each field has multiple answer options.

In "The Trouble with Type Tables," I discussed the importance of creating type tables and how to set them up correctly in a normalized database structure.

One aspect that I didn't discuss is including columns in type tables for the purpose of effective dating (i.e., documenting when something goes into effect and when it's no longer in effect).

Graph technologies are very good for recommendation.

It is no wonder that the biggest online dating websites are using it.

So, after I describe when you'd use effective dating and what problems it can prevent, I'll provide an overall strategy for working with effective dating in type tables.

As I discussed in "The Trouble with Type Tables," you use type tables to avoid embedding lookup data in an application.

I am tasked with designing a dating site in with VB using sql server 2005 as the database platform.