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And if you want to have an enjoyable sex life again one day, you better heed your body’s withdrawal warnings.

Harvard Divinity School said: “After all the research was complete, King weighed all the evidence of the age and characteristics of the papyrus and ink, handwriting, language and historical context to conclude the fragment is almost certainly a product of early Christians, not a modern forger.”To even consider the notion of a non-celibate, married Jesus would be a “huge shift” for some, Prof Taussig told The Washington Post. But for many married people, this might make Jesus feel closer.”It is not known who wrote the fragment, measuring 1.8 by 3.1 inches, in which Jesus speaks of his mother, his wife and a female disciple called “Mary”.It is assumed to have come from Egypt because it is written in Coptic – the form of Egyptian language used by Christians in the Roman period.But, after I say that, I usually get a bunch of blatantly cissexist responses.So I thought I’d address all of those responses at once.Either you pony up with the cash, or settle for some schlub with a daddy complex.

Otherwise, date someone your own age (I know, God forbid).[quote]I am most definitely not looking to be a sugar daddy or any kind of daddy for that matter.[quote]...preferably one that isn't promoting a fetish, like silver daddy or bears, etc.?

Karen King, the Hollis Professor of Divinity at Harvard Divinity School, who announced the discovery of the text in 2012, said that while the scroll did not prove that Jesus was married, it could shed light on early Christian debate about whether “the ideal mode” of life was a celibate one.“The main topic of the fragment is to affirm that women who are mothers and wives can be disciples of Jesus – a topic that was hotly debated in early Christianity as celibate virginity increasingly became highly valued,” she explained.

“This gospel fragment provides a reason to reconsider what we thought we knew by asking what the role claims of Jesus’s marital status played historically in early Christian controversies over marriage, celibacy, and family.”None of the testing carried out on the privately owned fragment has produced evidence that it is a “modern fabrication or forgery”, scientists announced this week.

On the other hand, I would argue that it’s more complicated than that.

We all have our implicit biases built into our preferences, and gender isn’t as simple as just the genitals you have.

OP, why not try your luck on a "normal" dating site and include your preference in your profile?