Dating lazy men

Why so many guys think that women require a ton of money spent on us to be happy is truly bizarre.After all, so many single women these days are self-sufficient and already providing ourselves with everything we need and want in life.

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All became clear when I asked about how often they communicated and there had only been two phonecalls in six months. That wasn’t a ‘relationship’ – it was like being a sexual pen pal.

When it all boiled down to it, most of the lazy communication via text and email served 4 purposes: From the perspective of the ‘offender’, it’s obvious that this isn’t a relationship because they, for example in this case, have only called twice in six months and in their eyes, it’s a casual arrangement where they get a shag, an ego stroke, and a shoulder to lean on.

Especially when they do nothing to fix the situation they are complaining about. And not in the hang-out-and-watch-Netflix sense, but more in the okay-with-getting-by-on-the-bare-minimum-amount-of-effort way." - Marie S.

Keep it to yourself and if it's something that bothers you that much, do something about it. "Men who are self-centered are sooooo unattractive.

A man who puts down women to make himself feel better, or feels like one woman isn't enough.

A man who isn't honest and doesn't communicate well." - Lucia R. Can't think of anything I find more unattractive than someone who complains.

It can be a tough pill to swallow at times, but I appreciate your no-nonsense advice.

I’ve had to learn the hard way, that my “go-getter” attitude does not translate well in the dating world.

For most women looking for love, we’re looking for a guy who’s thoughtful, mature, loyal and honest.

It’s as simple as offering to help us carry our bags or sending us a “thinking of you” text instead of a picture of your penis.

Yes we may have some extra communication options, but people only claim it’s the new way of doing things to legitimize crappy behavior. The reality is this: Relationships require effort, connection, and intimacy as well as love, care, trust, and respect, and so the way of ‘olden times’ is actually exactly as it is .