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As some ppl here hav mentioned about Malayalam, i will add som Malayalam translations of the above sentences, for the ppl who are interested What - entha How - Engane Where - Evide When - eppol who - Aaru which - Ethu how many - Ethra how much - Ethra why - Enthu kondu ------------------------------- Ex1: What is the time ?

Kazhinja varsham njangal valare santhoshavaanmaar aayirunnu.

Ex5: We are very angry Njangal valare deshyathil aanu.

In Tamil, i has the same meaning, but does not occur as an independent word unlike in Malayalam.

That the language of the inscription is indeed Malayalam is made clear by the second word pazhama which corresponds to pazhamai in Tamil, meaning “that which is ancient or old”.

Ippol avan deshyathil aanu.athondu naale vaa Ex10: From when he is angry ? --------------------------------------------------- Time - Samayam/neram Job - Joli House - Veedu Exam - Pareeksha food - Bhakshanam/Aahaaram Vehicle - Vandi/Vaahanam Crowd - Kootam School - pallikoodam/Vidyalayam ----------------------------- big - Valiya small- cheriya slow - Pathukke fast - vegam/pettannu early - Nerathe carefully - Sookshichu hurry - Dhiruthi ------------------------------- Ex1: There is a big crowd.

aa thadaakathil valiya oru sraav undu Ex2: Here this river is mixing with the sea. Impact on the film industry and Kerala politics A day after he was arrested, life seems to have come to a strange place for Dileep, who began his career as a mimicry artiste and rose to become one of the superstars of the Malayalam film industry (colloquially known as Mollywood).Mollywood, where Dileep ruled the roost till just a day earlier, has come out strongly against him.Follow our progress for general updates, status reports, and debates. You can help translating Word Press to your language at any time. If you have any questions, bring them to the weekly chats!Just log in to the translation platform with your Word account, and suggest translations. In order to post to this site, you will need to log in with your syrup extracted from the ripe dates are used to make a coating for leather bags.