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The Etosha National Park is an incredible wildlife destination and allows for exceptional game viewing year round.

Kaokoland and Damaraland offers amazing insight into cultures, past and present - the present is represented by the Himba people that still live a traditional lifestyle and the past is seen in interesting rock engraving and rock paintings dating back to tribes that lived in the region.

Abraham admits that there’s always a touch of fear present when entering the yawning bowels for the first time, but that it rapidly transforms into a flood of pumping adrenaline.

After crossing the border, guests enjoy a walking tour of Upington before travelling to Kimberley for a visit to the Big Hole and diamond mine museum village.Continuing northeast across the Highveld, the train arrives at journey’s end in Pretoria.On this Namibia map you can find destinations, attractions and game reserves in Nambia.This map of Namibia shows the major attractions, cities and towns scattered across this vast country situated in the south west of Africa, bordering South Africa, Angola and Botswana with the finger of the Caprivi Strip touching Zambia and Zimbabwe.For information on visas for Namibia, be sure to check out my Namibia visa page.

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Browse through each of the sites for any English job opportunities in Namibia.

Also, be sure to check out this cool table from the International TEFL academy that shows how much money teachers can expect to make in various countries around the world. The best places to find jobs in Namibia as a foreigner.

But that’s not all; there is also an entire galaxy of dolomite and sandstone, limestone, and even the odd crystal formation glistening at you from the dark.

Bat families flutter around and even cockroaches loom in the gloom. Otherwise, between gasping for the occasional breath of damp air and clambering over muddy heaps of fossilised sand, you will experience only deadly silence.

“An expedition launched into the bowels of mother earth is usually met with great excitement, fear and – needless to say – a little apprehension.