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As Tom Hickman wrote in “God’s Doodle”: “What is incontrovertible is that where men and their penises are concerned there are lies, damned lies, and self measurements.”Just ask any gay man looking for a hook-up on Grindr.

“If a guy tells you his size and you meet up, you realize he must have a different ruler,” said Noah Michelson, editor of The Huffington Post’s Gay Voices section.

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Take it from a man who has had sexual relationships with over 40 women multiple times by the age of 20. Oh, instead of worrying about if HGH increases your penis size (three friends say yes..1/2 inch, 1inch and 1.5 inch respectably.) worry about getting a women to climax.

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E-mails aside, even porn websites target these insecure males, promising major below the belt enhancements with a simple *and terrifying* penis pump, pill, exercise, or practice.

While big dicks may not be hitting mainstream media the way women’s so-called “perfect bodies” are, the pressure is definitely out there!

Recent studies have shown that actual penis size is smaller than men are claiming.

According to the Journal of Sexual Medicine, the average male penis measures 5.6 inches when erect; the Journal of Urology puts it at a slightly smaller 5.08 inches.

Also if you work out your strength will increase like crazy nothing for definition but good mass builder. and it made me get dizzy after take the testosteron pills. There are some penis enlargement products available on market. HGH doesn't increase the size of your penis, its effects are more anti-aging like increasing libido, energy, muscle gain, as ******* pointed out it aslo helps to increas wound healing, but penis growth..