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Eloquent and well-educated, Sarah told of the euphoric highs and teary lows of being the partner of a professional fighter. I used to delete them whenever they came through as I had no idea what the sport was about and I really had no interest in combat sports at the time.

Ahead of Brad’s upcoming April 6 fight with Mike Easton at UFC Fuel TV 9 in Stockholm, Sweden, caught up with the future Mrs. When I met him I knew exactly who he was and thought he'd be perfect for a quick fling.

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So needless to say I never dated a wrestler when I wrestled in high school.

When I got into mixed martial arts I slowly began to see the vibe was the same only now I’m not in high school anymore I’m much older.

In the UK there has long been a pop-culture obsession with sports stars and their partners.

While British WAG (wives and girlfriends) culture is as synonymous with football as feigning injury, the better halves of many mixed martial artists go unnoticed.

“There are some good fighters in there, obviously Tony Bellew being the head as WBC champion, but domestically there are quite a few fighters I like and with experience I can do some damage in there.”Martell’s MMA record suggests thrill a minute action.“I think all of my fights I win by KO,” he said.

“I am not the sort of guy who wants to score points, I am there to finish a fight.And then there were the guys who played the field at the weekend away tourneys.It wasn’t just about competing it was about who’s going to bang who.I know for a fact that you can’t knock everyone out, but nonetheless every fighter has that intention and, fingers crossed I will get the opportunity.“You look back through my career even when I was a kid and I have never been in a boring fight.We are what we are – I can’t pretend now to be a fantastic boxer and to use a jab and score points.Channel 5’s documentary tried to shed light on what it’s like to watch your boyfriend, fiancé, or husband get punched in the face for a living.