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"That said, there are also openers that do far worse than 'Hey, what’s up.' ...

Don’t ever talk about meeting the parents on the first date. There should be no talk of wanting to introduce him to your mother.Some people think it’s too early to talk about introducing him to your girl friends too.For example, a man who lives with his girlfriend may get home from work and spend ten minutes getting her caught up on the status of an important project he's working on.There are always going to be new things happening to you in one way or another, so you'll always have fresh material to talk about. A woman could tell her friend about what she thought of the latest episode of a show they both follow, or share her views on a story she heard on a the radio, or give a report on a conflict that's happening between her relatives.So you thought, you’d just meet the rich man of your dreams, flash a smile and he’d be yours. Long conversations on telephones, meeting at odd hours, taking off suddenly for the weekend, smiling for no reason and other such true love-ish type things will happen to you. TIP: Millionaire Match has several single millionaires looking for women. Also remember that time at the sorority house where you kissed a girl…don’t even think about brining it up tonight. Do not say things like “We should go to that Italian place the next time”.

He has to like you back and you have to get past your first date. Your dress is handpicked, the shoes are coordinated, the handbag is classy and not to mention your hair—just out of a shampoo commercial. Whether it's dinner, coffee or just the frozen yoghurt store, he will be gauging you as a potential partner. So apart from your appearance, there are a few things you have to remember not to bring up on your first date. Also not a good thing to discuss--crushes and infatuations. This one’s definitely worse than the “ex-boyfriends”. Do not share details about that crazy night after a rock concert, when you went backstage and hooked up with the bass guitarist. Also do not be presumptuous and indicate any future activities together, like a second date.

Actually, the more you speak to someone the more specific and detailed you can get.

When you haven't spoken to someone in a while, even if they're a good friend, your conversation tends to be very general at first, as you try to summarize huge amounts of information: "So what have you been up to? I got promoted to Regional Manager and Natasha is pregnant with our second child." When you talk to someone often they're already familiar with the nitty gritty details of your life, so you can update them on small future developments as they come up.

Just be your stunning self, smile and say you had a great time.

Be assured that if both of you had a good time, he will call you.

In another article I give some advice on how to generally think of things to say.