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You will watch this video and then try to volunteer for Dukakis.The minimal amount of frames per second of "She Comes On" means you can pause it at any point and just stare at the majesty that is Wire Train lead singer Kevin Hunter's "I am in the '80s and I am LOVING it" face. They barely made it through the decade, and by the time they finally worked out their problems at the start of the new one, they seemed bruised, beaten and scarred. And, depending on how you look at things, they’re bigger, or at least richer, than they’ve ever been – thanks to a string of tours that’s kept them on the road periodically since the ’90s.

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One fantastic side effect of a great director beginning his career directing music videos in the 1980s?A great director directed a LOT of '80s music videos!You are a movie fan, and so you probably know that director David Fincher began his ridiculously successful career directing music videos.It's a fun fact you can point out to your unsuspecting date during particularly tense scenes of "Gone Girl," Fincher's latest directorial effort, out October 3rd.Goldberg."We did a good job with the finale last year because it gave us a lot of runway for the season," Goldberg tells It was kind of like, where are some of the places we could take the characters next year? The best part of high school for me was being out of my crazy house.

Obviously Adam is entering high school, which is a big deal. I can't imagine what that would be like where your mom is everywhere you go, but I love that idea."Fall preview: Scoop on your favorite returning shows From that, the tie-in to "We're not going out of our way to figure out the '80s thing," he says."It's just the way that I am that I use all the stuff from my childhood as a filter when I look at everything, so that comes up naturally.I think, hopefully, that's why the show feels like we're not forcing it too much.homage that finds Adam (Sean Giambrone), Barry (Troy Gentile) and Erica (Hayley Orrantia) in Saturday detention after Beverly (Wendi Mc Lendon-Covey), who has earned her teaching certification, sends them there for insubordination.And the World's Best Smother in school is exactly what the doctor ordered, according to creator Adam F.It all took a toll on bassist Bill Wyman, an original member since the group’s formation in 1962.