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I can’t begin to understand the pain of a long-term relationship ending, but if there is one thing I can attest to, it’s the fact that the enemy will do all he can in your state of vulnerability to keep you hidden, alone and brokenhearted for as long as he can.

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This one was a real treat: I’m a 23 year old male that is in pretty good shape.

Shindo is a manga that prioritises the creative urge to express emotional nuance over the creative ability to draw human beings.

Does the awkwardness of its anatomy serve the characters’ tentative efforts at living authentically or just create a meta-dialogue about following your dreams despite your current capabilities that compliments the thrust of this manga?

Make up your own mind, but don’t pass over this bold and touching comic just because you think, well, tracks the ways, and things, that they teach each other.

Crunchyroll categorises this book as a romance comic, which would be fairly appalling in the “dating” sense, but works as a description of the dreamy, positive, gradually building respect that forms not only between the two young people at the centre of the book, but also their parents, peers, and other mentors.

We went out for a beer and had a fine evening, but there was just no physical attraction.