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Mr Eazi has had a busy couple of days, what with announcing he’s dating TRUE Africa fav Temi Otedola all over his social media as well as getting on with his UK tour (if you’re in the UK this summer you can catch him in Newcastle, Birmingham, Manchester Belfast and other cities). We’re of the opinion nothing can beat the originals. Tell us what you think about Mr Eazi’s stripped back versions of his greatest hits.

While plenty of the tens of thousands of hackers who descend on Las Vegas every year for the security conference DEF CON are there to break shit, lots of them are there to play defense, too.

Lauren Rucker, a risk analyst who has consulted for NASA, coached attendees on maintaining their privacy rights during relationships.

It’s been three weeks since I proposed, and I still get asked this question at least once a day.

Usually I respond with an innocuous half-truth like “It’s great!

From a relationship standpoint, media impressions are like guys at a construction site whistling at women on the sidewalk – there’s no relationship there and there probably never will be.

A comment on a blog or a follow on Twitter is the relationship equivalent to winks on – you’re not sure who the person really is but, assuming they’re not a troll or a bot, you might be willing to meet for coffee.“If you’re living with someone or in a relationship or a marriage with someone, you are giving up a lot of your privacy rights because you’re sharing a lot with that person anyway,” Rucker said.Rucker recommends several basic steps for cyber hygiene while dating: Staying safe in relationships requires setting new norms of behavior before the relationship turns sour, Rucker says.The Video illustrate the tasks, which are assigned to the IHKs and the benefits, the IHKs provide for their member companies. But there are practical, easy steps we can take to maintain our privacy during romantic relationships, and changing one simple behavior now could keep us safe later on if the relationship ends badly.With a rich history of close to 90 years, Lux has pampered women for generations with indulgent feminine fragrances, unique formulations, trendy packaging and most of…