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One of the bridesmaid’s dates had stood her up, so she asked if I would accompany her to the wedding.

Norm: Our relationship deepened, and six years later, we purchased a brownstone in the up-and-coming neighborhood of Park Slope in Brooklyn for the princely sum of ,000.

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n the 1970s and ’80s, when marriage equality looked to be an impossible pursuit, lifelong same-sex partners facing the financial and emotional insecurities of old age didn’t have the time to wait around for marriage equality.Instead, some changed the legal status of their union to father and son or mother and daughter. in 2015, gay couples who had adopted each other suddenly faced a new hurdle: Getting married would violate state incest laws.He was 33, was a nonsmoker, and said explicitly that he wanted kids. We finally wrapped up our discussion, but without enough time to head home first, I went straight to Longshots and decided to wait at the bar for him.He was also a journalist covering the city hall beat for one of the local newspapers. I ordered a club soda with a twist of lime, which looked like my usual first-date drink but contained none of the potentially dangerous alcohol.It was now July, a few weeks since my date with Jim, the weed smoker who refused to split our dinner bill.

I knew matching algorithms weren’t perfect, but I kept dating and decided not to cancel my memberships with e Harmony,, and JDate.

But one of the most crucial questions every down and out woman encounters is commonly overlooked: If you had to choose between a meal and essential sanitary products during that time of the month, what would you do?

Period issues seem to be less of a problem when compared to more significant ones like domestic violence; one study shows 36 per cent of homeless women reported receiving assistance with domestic violence in 2014-2015.

On weekends, he works as an associate pastor at a church. The big man watches the other men get off the bus and follows them into the night.

He has been driving city buses for 14 years, and having earned enough seniority to pick his own route, chose the M35. Right now, you should be thinking about your freedom.” Everyone is staring now. In the back, two men are mulling the way violence seems to seek them out. “Next thing you know you’re in the bullpen looking at two years off an assault charge. “I was coming in last night, and White Mike was trying to start some shit. The last stop before the turnaround is the Charles H. A dozen passengers get off, leaving the bus almost empty.

Adoption gave them next-of-kin rights vis-à-vis their estates and taxes, as well as hospital visitation and other legal rights not otherwise available to gay couples at the time. They needed to have the adoption annulled – no small task – in order to get what they always wanted in the first place – to be married.