Diablo 3 stuck on updating setup files windows 7

It has been a full year since my laptop function with only on graphic card, the other one, a more powerful ATI, was crashing my laptop since the day i switched from a disastrous win 8 to a newly launched win 10. Before you dive to deep into tearing your computer apart or panic. I literally just formatted, reinstalling Windows 10 and downloaded all my games again which took 3 whole days...... I'm trying to learn to be a better troubleshooter, so I'm interested in how you would have thought to do these steps. I've been having this issue since buying the videocard (270x) both on win 7 and 10 and the only thing that partly helped was disabling hardware acceleration for chrome. I'll try to disable adblock since some people report disabling addons helped them.So you can imagine how I feel about wiping everything again Just curious, how did you come up with this process? Hello I got the real solution to this problem, do a custom install and install all but the ....microsoft media foundation decoders.......

Custom Trigger Benchmarking ACT has a new window for finding expensive Custom Triggers that might cause ACT to lag behind in CT parsing.

If the CT parsing engine lags behind over 1,000 lines compared to the combat parsing engine, a sliding popup may appear asking if you wish to run said benchmark.

I would like to thank all those who reported bugs and sent in patches for v1.50, we've fixed roughly 3 dozen problems that cropped up with v1.50, including issues with loading older save states and various save state saving/loading problems, so this release should now be quite stable.

For SDL users who had sound issues before, we've made some fixes to that, as well as added support for libao sound output.

As always, Steam’s annual Christmas sale meant I’d be dumping the best part of two months’ rent on cheap and shiny video games to play. Besides, they also double as “Do these just in case and change them back if you really want to” steps.

I’ve not played a big RPG for far too long, so it seemed now would be a good time to finally get into Knights of the Old Republic. In a pinch, they can solve the problem of the game not starting up/having errors in XP, and I’ve heard whisperings that they Compatibility Mode was designed specifically for situations like this, where perfectly good (and old) software is acting bad (and old). KOTOR patches are largely unnecessary and can really screw you over if you’re on Steam (namely: the game won’t open at all, and you’ll be asked for CDs you don’t have).- Here's the link: - Once installed reboot your laptop and observe it again but that should resolve the issue once and for all. Before you dive to deep into tearing your computer apart or panic. My display driver AMD keeps crashing and recovering since i updated my laptop to windows 10 i often get a 'Pop Up' which says 'Display Driver Stopped Responding but has now recovered' some times the screen just goes black with only the cursor working, this often happens when i put my laptop to sleep and then turn it on, ultimately i have to press the power button to switch it off and then back on.i also received a blue screen with dpc watchdog violation 4-5 times now. rolling them back, using the windows update , installing the amd 15.7.1 driver and now using the latest AMD Catalyst™ 15.9.1 Beta Driver. HP 15-g012ax Notebook PC 2 GHz AMD Quad-Core A8-6410 APU with Radeon R5 Graphics Video Graphics AMD Radeon HD 8570M Graphics (2 GB DDR3 dedicated) driver version-15.201.1151.1004 I'm the same I got a R9 290x which worked perfect for a year on win 7 just upgraded to 10 and now every 5/10 mins the drivers crash.Apparently, there are certain graphics cards that the game just doesn’t want to cooperate with, so if the above doesn’t make it work for you, Google your graphics card and make sure you’re not one of the unlucky ones.Still, disregarding odd circumstances, this should make Knights of the Old Republic run quite nicely on modern Windows systems by throwing you instantly to the game’s menu screen to do with what you please. It was Bioware’s exceptionally well received Star Wars RPG set in the era when there were a ton of Sith around being dicks and it’s your job to be more or less of a dick depending on your particular mood that day/save file. This change can therefore solve a lot of the issues with KOTOR not running brilliantly on your modern Windows 7 (and probably Vista or Windows 8) system. Instead, try the following: I’ve found to get KOTOR to work on Windows 7 and Vista.