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”, an adventure movie set (and spectacularly mostly filmed) in the wilds of Africa. sometimes, of course, it’s better for two fellas to run away together!It has been said that he was going to be a regular in HSB, but was offered a major big-screen role as Manny in the Film Scarface.

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At over two hours, the movie is a lousy combination.

With the introduction of sound, the filmmakers are happy to pad the film out with what is essentially a full hour of documentary footage clumsily combined with actors.

Steven Bauer Born Esteban Echevarriain in Cuba, he moved to Florida with his family in 1959.

Concerned he was being type cast as a Latino he eventually changed his name to Steven Bauer.

Luis Avalos Usually called in when a Mexican Doctor or Politician is required, Luis has been on our screens and performing for over forty years.

He was born in Cuba in 1946 and first appeared on stage in 1968.

One native crewman fell in a river and was eaten by a crocodile, another was killed by a charging rhino.

This last accident was caught on film, and amazingly enough, remains in the finished picture. In one scene Harry Carey had to swing on a vine over a stream filled with live crocodiles. The movie takes advantage of its incredible location shots.

There are many scenes where the characters simply marvel at all the wild creatures roaming about them as they traipse through the brush.

The plot involves the titular trader (Carey) and a younger man named Peru (Duncan Renaldo years before he became famous as on television) who venture into the wilds of Africa.

They meet a woman missionary who tells them about her daughter who was kidnapped by natives as an infant.