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In “Betrayal,” set during the swinging ’70s, money no longer seems an issue, but the desire for sexual experimentation does.Phayer (Gary Milner), now an elegant Brit, tempts Emily (Cara Buono), while conniving publishing underling Helayne (Jennifer Damiano) tries to seduce Tim (Dominic Fumusa).

Do make your own examination of your emotions, Richard, when you first fall in love with some girl ~ that is, first experience that drawing sensation which makes you desire to be near her, and causes your heart to beat, and gives you a sense of exaltation.Do ask yourself if she is appealing to your mind or your soul ~ whether you feel degraded or uplifted in spirit after you have spent some time with her.Chronicling a marriage of 60 years in half a dozen segments with six different pairs of actors portraying the long-hitched couple, “Emily & Tim” illustrates helmer-writer Eric Weber’s politically correct thesis: “No matter who we are — man, woman, black, white, gay, straight — we all love the same.” It’s a nice concept, utilizing an oddball cast, with the segments linked by arch commentary from a voiceover narrator (Kathleen Turner). Weber (“Second Best,” “Jersey Christmas”), formerly a highly successful advertising copywriter and author of books such as “How to Pick Up Girls on the Side,” first turned his story “The Pact” into a short film co-directed with Sean Devaney. entry competing at the Montreal World Film Festival, where it premiered under the title “Outliving Emily” — is about as profound as a Hallmark greeting card and as sophisticated as an average Lifetime movie.He wed her in a secret ceremony in Mexico in April 2015.

However the union didn't last long, as they filed for divorce in February last year.

They cannot see their faults; they appear to have no intuition which warns them they are being deceived; they are bamboozled and led by affectations which would not for an instant impose upon women!

But because men’s senses are delighted, their reason sleeps, and they court their own unhappiness.

“A feature film of the book will be equally universal and entertaining.” The book was made into a 1978 TV movie starring Desi Arnaz Jr.

Weber, who has been a writer-director on “A Jersey Christmas” and “Suits,” will executive produce the film.

Miss Abigail has a collection of over 1,000 classic advice books, spanning from 1822 to 1978 and covering a variety of topics, from love and romance to etiquette and charm.