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The exact time of expiry in seconds is returned in the expires_in field in the response with the access token.

When an access token expires, you can use a refresh token to get a new access token.

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I recently submitted a messenger chatbot for review.

Few minutes after the submission, I couldn't deploy new changes from github anymore. Also, when I send a message to the bot, I got the following error.

However, punting them manually into at this point will ask them for a Facebook password and things will work afterwards.

I hope this helps -someone-, because it sure would have helped me 6 months ago.

Note that refresh tokens are valid up until 10 days after the access token expires.

If the refresh token expires, you must prompt the user to log in again to generate a new access token.

Http requests outbound from the site definitely work.

After clicking the Facebook connect page says: The Facebook login could not be completed due to an error.

If and only if the token is expired it is very important that the consumer uses the refresh token or starts a new flow to obtain a new valid token.

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An unsuccessful response will return a 400 with an error message.