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With over 100 categories ranging from Actors & Models to Weapons, there is plenty of scope to fine tune the Web Filter to match your specific requirements.With the free Oh Mi Bod Remote App you get all five exciting functional modes— Touch, Voice, Tap, Wave and Rhythm—as well as long-distance capabilities!

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The results self-destruct like its rival's - albeit after 24 hours.[i OS and Android, free] Brickshots Ever wondered what your favourite portraits would look like as Warhol-esque works of LEGO art?The U-M Kellogg Eye Center is not associated with these applications in any way, nor does it endorse or take responsibility for any of the content or functionality.This list of apps is provided for the convenience of our users.They make us laugh, and let us connect with friends.

They let us burn off steam when we're frustrated or angry, and sometimes we even learn something about ourselves through playing them.If you have an Apple i Phone you can use games for all these purposes, no matter where you are.The 30 best games for the i Phone that made this list span a range of genres, and that's intentional.Alphabetical listing of apps developed specifically for persons who are totally blind or who have low vision.This list is compiled by Apple Vis, a community-powered website for blind and low-vision users of Apple computers, i Phones, i Pads, i Pod Touches, and Apple TV.If you are concerned about the new apps that your child may install or of them making excessive purchases, use the Applications management function to disable the App Store, disable the i Tunes store, or simply prevent in-app purchases.