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Similarly to Border Security: Australia's Front Line and the American Cops series, each episode intermixes three or four investigations per episode.A madman loose on the streets of Perth finds himself in a high-speed pursuit with the cops on his Yamaha R1.

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Damond’s death, one of more than 500 fatal shootings by police in the United States this year, also has raised serious concerns in her home country.

News of Damond’s death was splashed across the websites of major news outlets in Australia, where friends, according to media reports, are demanding a federal investigation.

He crashes on Cambridge street in Wembley and continues on foot; the cops then bring in the dogs to sniff him out.

Police raid a house in the outback where they suspect that drug-related activities have been taking place.

A horse is seen on the loose in Perth's suburban streets and heading towards a main road.

A suspicious package causes a street to be closed and a school placed in lock-down.

The male has pure white feathers on the back of the head and the female has white blending to grey feathers on the back of the head.

With its long legs, the Australian magpie walks rather than waddles or hops and spends much time on the ground.

Investigators remained tight-lipped Monday about what happened at p.m.

Saturday, when police received a 911 call about a possible assault in the alley behind Damond’s home.

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