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The Assembly elects the prime minister, who holds most executive power.

The president is elected to a five-year term through a direct popular vote.

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Velesta’s main attraction is cheap sex — performed by beautiful girls kept under lock and key.Meeting with Meti We checked into the Hotel Ekslusiv, where Velesta’s sex slaves are forced to serve clients.Before we could even take our bags up to the sparsely furnished rooms, Meti came calling.Meti, another pimp and the owner of the Coca-Cola and Bela Dona bars just down the street, was eager to show us his girls.In 1945-1991, when Macedonia was a constituent republic of Yugoslavia, Macedonians traveled with Yugoslav passports.

Under the Yugoslav federal system, each republic had its own variety of passports; in particular, Yugoslav passports issued in Macedonia were printed in Macedonian and French, rather than in Serbo-Croatian.

As opposition parties commenced a legislative boycott, thirty-one newly elected opposition legislators refused to take their seats. In June, a Skopje court convicted six ethnic Albanians for the murder of five Macedonian fishermen, which took place in 2012 during a prolonged period of interethnic tensions.

In July, ethnic Albanians took to the streets to protest the convictions, which they claimed to be unfair and motivated by Islamophobia.

) is issued to citizens of the Republic of Macedonia for the purpose of international travel.

Responsibility for their issuance lies with the Ministry of the Interior.

The first Macedonian passports were issued in 1991 after the Republic of Macedonia declared its independence from Yugoslavia. The first passports issued were blue with silver color inscription without the Macedonian Coat of Arms.