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Message: 27128 Posted: Mon Mar 31 2003 By: Whit Subject: OKC-bad news Steve, that is really bad news that OKC was cancelled. Hasta-la-bye-bye, Whit Message: 27127 Posted: Mon Mar 31 2003 By: America SL Subject: Re: Oklahoma City - Whit I'm sorry to report that I just received word that the following concert has been canceled: August, 16, 2003 Oklahoma City, OK Six Flags Let's keep our fingers crossed that something else comes up out that way!

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I wish the concert was on a Saturday instead of a Sunday. We live about two hours or so away and my son has never been to Hershey Park so what better reason to go, right!!!

I'm hoping I can convince my husband and son that we should make the trip.

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