Frumster dating

Hopefully you won't suffer the same indignities that many of us have, but there's still the potential.If you want to find the website's policy, it is most likely in the Help section.JRetro Match has had success with a broad strectrum of religious levels.

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Since it doesn't affect me anymore, I'm more open to the "Well, it's a private business..." argument (human nature, I guess! The problem is that the sites may not tell you their conversion policy. They let you spend three hours filling in your profile, it gets sent for approval, and then you get an email rejecting your profile "because you're not Jewish." One service was kind enough to call me to give me the news in person, as though it isn't hurtful enough to read.

After twice being treated that way, I gave them a healthy piece of my mind (as did several others around the same time, I later found out).

I just wanted to write and let members know that I met my man on Jewish From there our date continued to some miniature golf and we continued to date thereafter.

Mike proposed to me and I accepted without any doubt. So thank you for having this site available; we may not have met otherwise.

Not only that, Jewish makes it easy to try before you buy.