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The best way to avoid this is, simply, be better at knowing how to build her interest in you.

One of the best ways is getting her to qualify herself to you; the more attraction you can build, the more likely she will be looking forward to actually meeting up with you instead of giving you the 21st century brush-off.

I often find myself comparing men to dogs when they same-day plan.

They kind of just bark whenever they're hungry, but expect you to drop everything you're doing to feed them. You should come.”It was pm on a Friday, and I was sitting at my work desk in the going-out clothes I'd changed into an hour earlier.“I'm hanging with some friends,” I texted back.

I was strolling through a candy shop the other day when I ran into an old friend from college.

He congratulated me for the strides I've made since he last saw me, the work I've done and the woman I've become.“But why are you single?

A few days later I did so, saying that I was going to a Jewish event that night.

He called me, offered me a ride, and the evening turned into a date.” he earnestly asked me after all that.“Everyone sucks,” I muttered, dryly chewing my gummy worm and rolling my eyes.That wasn't always my go-to excuse for why I'm single, but the words just kind of slipped out without hesitation.They all questioned how interested he was in the first place.Here’s the thing – I either asked or it was already volunteered, why they did the asking, and every single one mentioned variations of: When someone asks you out, it’s not because they thought you were too shy to do it yourself.How many times have you been doing well with a woman you’d just met only to have it fizzle out the next day with no warning? You’re shouting impotently into the void, hoping for an answer. It’s incredibly frustrating because it can feel as though it came out of nowhere – you were doing everything right and then suddenly you hit that wall of silence. There’s a difference between a flake out and, say, someone cutting of contact because he or she just plain doesn’t like you.