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Hideki Tojo The causes of the China Incident were the exclusion and insult of Japan throughout China, the exclusion of Japanese goods, the persecution of Japanese residents in China, and the illegal violation of Japanese rights.

Hideki Tojo From the point of the view of the nation's power, it was obvious that while we were fighting the Sino-Japanese war, every effort was to be made to avoid adding to our enemies and opening additional fronts.

Hideki Tojo Throughout that period, Japan had made honest efforts to keep the destruction of war from spreading and, based on the belief that all nations of the world should find their places, had followed a policy designed to restore an expeditious peace between Japan and China.

As a child, Hirohito was separated from his parents, as was custom, and given an imperial education at the Gakushuin School, also known as the Peers' School.

He later attended a special institute which conditioned him to become emperor and was formally given the title of crown prince on November 2, 1916.

From February 1944 he was also Commander in Chief of the General Staff.

Tojo, aware that Japan was unable to win the war, resigned from office after the loss of Saipan in July 1944.

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Hideki Tojo was born in Tokyo, Japan, on 30 December 1884.

However, when convinced that a negotiated deal was not possible, ordered the attack on Pearl Harbor on 7th December, 1941.

As well as Prime Minister Tojo also held the posts of Minister of War, Home Minister and Foreign Minister.

Japanese Emperor Hirohito was born on April 29, 1901, in Tokyo, Japan.