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What made it interesting for me, is that I actually do use a TMAX profile in my Nikon DSLRs for when I want to shoot black and white, and absolutely love the results it provides.We are now living in an age dominated by social media.

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When someone has a better idea of who you are through your profile, the better you will both probably get along.It’s important that you seem appealing too, so it’s ok to “fluff up” here and there. Always Use a Picture Dating profiles with no pictures are pretty pointless.The test, however suggested something a little different.The fact that it got it wrong, though, was not what was interesting to me.This fun web app from friend of DIYP, photographer Vincent Moschetti, is here to help you out with Film Dating. It asks you to pick some images in order to figure out what you like.

Once confident in its assumptions, it suggests a film based on your image choices. After that, you’re shown a set of three or four images, and asked to pick which one you like based on things like contrast, tone, temperature and saturation. You’re only looking at the properties of the film itself.There’s so many to choose from, and new ones, are popping up every day.Many film shooters chose long ago what they prefer, but how many did you try before making that decision?window.sbbop Loaded){ var sbbop_modal = create Modal(modal); if (sbbop_modal !Whether you already shoot film or you’ve only been thinking about it, picking the right film for you can be difficult.Gone are the days where fate and timing were the sole deciding factors whether you would find your future mate.