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The group stays somewhat true to the song’s original format, keeping the melody and musical hooks similar to Aguilera’s while changing around some of the lyrical content to make for a more fitting message for their own fanbase.

“Every day is so wonderful/They f**k with me/It's hard to breathe,” Violent J can be seen singing while also offering a nice smile with that happy painted mug of his. The famous alternative fanbase will make an artistic stance towards Washington on September 16 in hopes of clearing their name of the gang affiliation that the FBI has used classify the band and their followers.

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Fans of Christina Aguilera and Insane Clown Posse probably remember when the popular horror-themed hip-hop duo put a unique spin on Aguilera’s “Beautiful” back in 2012.

Their own version, titled "Beautiful (Indestructible),” now has a music video for the track which originally appeared on their album.

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