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Annual police report ranked them third in terms of sophistication and strength in British Columbia, only behind the aforementioned biker gangs and Asian criminal organizations such as the Triads and Vietnamese drug clans.Punjabi-Canadian street gangs were in the beginning mostly made to protect the community from the racism and discrimination that Punjabi people had suffered from local white population.

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We show that the populations of Western and Far Eastern Europe followed opposite trajectories between 8,000–5,000 years ago.

At the beginning of the Neolithic period in Europe, ~8,000–7,000 years ago, closely related groups of early farmers appeared in Germany, Hungary and Spain, different from indigenous hunter-gatherers, whereas Russia was inhabited by a distinctive population of hunter-gatherers with high affinity to a ~24,000-year-old Siberian.

A Washington-based reproductive clinic is advertising gender selection services in a Canadian newspaper that targets South Asian communities, CBC News has learned.

Using reproduction medicine to select the gender of a child was made illegal in Canada in 2004.

Methods We administered a cross-sectional health survey at community venues in Schenectady in 2011.

We identified diagnosed diabetes and its complications through self-reports by using a reliability-tested questionnaire.

In its ad, the Washington Centre for Reproductive Medicine, based in Bellevue, offers to help Indo-Canadian families "Create the Family You Want: Boy or Girl." It accomplishes that by telling the parents the gender of an embryo before it is selected for transfer.

"The way I feel about this is that all the American companies that are using these ads do it for their own greed and business enhancement," says Charan Gill, founding president of the Progressive Intercultural Community Services Society in Surrey, B. "They know the Indo-Canadian community wants more boys.

The final data set included 313 Indo-Guyanese and 327 non-Hispanic white adults aged 18 years or older.

We compared the prevalence of diagnosed diabetes and diabetes complications between Indo-Guyanese and non-Hispanic whites.

By ~6,000–5,000 years ago, farmers throughout much of Europe had more hunter-gatherer ancestry than their predecessors, but in Russia, the Yamnaya steppe herders of this time were descended not only from the preceding eastern European hunter-gatherers, but also from a population of Near Eastern ancestry.