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If you're actually friends and know someone has a crush on you you don't make out with others in front of them. But she has no obligations to Chaox, if she's that easy that she made out with three dudes and potentially did more than make out with Hotshot then she obviously wasn't interested in Chaox outside of a friendship (that or chaox is clueless in regards to women).I'm much more interested in what happened with hotshot though lol. I think the biggest issue here is Hotshot being a cheater.The Swedes are known to be a bit careful with spending money, and the Norwegians are the exact opposite of this. The Danes are known to enjoy life the most and don't have so many rules.

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Also, this talk about becca/chaox is full of double standards/sexism.From what I understand, they were atleast good friends, and she also knew chaox somewhat of a crush on her.He later created the Counter Logic Gaming organization, which currently sponsors one League of Legends team.On May 19th, 2012, Hotshot GG switched from top lane to the jungle position following the departure of their long time jungler Saintvicious.2 paaudzes tēmēklis Phantom ar standarta sarkanas krāsas 3 pozīciju tēmēšanas atzīmi. Pateicoties, tā kvalitatīvai konstrukcijai un stikla šķiedras plastmasas kompozītmateriāliem ierīci var izmantot jebkuros laika apstākļos.

Ar slāpekli pildītais optikas korpuss neļaus ierīcei aizsvīst, ko izraisa temperatūras svārstības vai augsta mitruma pakāpe, kas raksturīga mūsu klimatiskajiem apstākļiem.The internet is used a lot in the Scandinavian countries, as the infrastructure is very well developed and people have money.The Swedes are well known to hold on hard to their cash, but don't let that stop you.Man makes out with 3 girls = hi5 bro Girl makes out with 3 men = omg fucking slut Talk about double standards.They usually come from people who'd love to just once meet a girl in their life who just makes out with them within a few minutes. During Dream Hack Qualifiers CLG had the #1 seed and was slated to play the #8 seed WHALE.Phantom standarta versijā ir sarkans uz zaļa krusts ar gaišuma regulēšanas iespēju.