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His parents wanted him to stay in his hometown, get a blue-collar job, find a wife and have a bunch of kids.

He doesn’t have any pets, but he keeps a large dog bed in the corner for role-playing games.

Morpheous, who asked me not to reveal his real name, grew up on a farm near Hamilton.

His decor only hints at his adventurous sexuality, like a framed print of an Alberto Vargas pin-up girl and an oversized painting of sexy stiletto heels.

He keeps his toys tidied away but is happy to showcase them when I ask for a tour.

Lord Morpheous, arguably Toronto’s reigning king of kink, lives in a downtown penthouse with a panoramic view of the skyline.

He’s one of the city’s premier rope-bondage experts, though nothing about his appearance conjures the clichés we normally associate with BDSM: he’s an affable, bespectacled man in his 40s, greeting me at the door dressed in a crisp white button-down shirt and a pair of faded blue jeans.

In the office there are boxes of coiled rope in every colour, and a small horse saddle designed to fit a human.

The living room has a custom-built side table that magically converts into a spanking bench, with metal loops for convenient restraint.

Musk’s genius is primarily in the subsidy-seeking realm.

Arrested: The man behind the cult character Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys, Mike Smith (pictured center with co-stars Robb Wells and John Paul Tremblay) was arrested in Hollywood on Friday for domestic battery Mike became the breakout star of TV mockumentary Trailer Park Boys when it first aired in Canada in the early 2000s playing trailer park inhabitant Bubbles.

[on being inspired by co-star Hugh Jackman on the set of Pan] Hugh's amazing.